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Gather more reviews for everything via auto-emails & SMS or a direct link will help you boost more sales. Manage negative feedback – Reputation matters.

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Run Competitions

Add your prize, choose your actions. Embed on your site, all in under 3 minutes.

Instant Rewards

Drive more sales, ask users to complete predefined actions to unlock an instant reward.

Social Galleries

Build beautiful, responsive user driven content and photo galleries in minutes.

Email Capture

Rules based email capture forms that integrate directly with your email provider.

See The Results

They look great Spend less time doing painstaking, manual research.
They look great Scale your content program without having to hire more people
They look great Create content that’s more valuable and ranks higher than the competition.

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  • Email Signature Solution
  • Contactless Digital Card
  • Conversational Form Builder

Gathering feedback and resolving issues of your customer can’t get easier than this.

Step 1:

Ask your customers.

Know what your customers think about your product/ services and collect their valuable feedback.

Step 2:

Send an Invite.

Now, sign in and send a customized email and SMS invitations to your existing customers.

Step 3:

Encourage Feedback.

Your clients will receive the invitations with a review link to enter their experiences with your business.

Step 4:

Survey Questions.

A feedback form will be sent with a bunch of questions to answer to resolve the queries if there are any.

Step 5:

Tracking & Insights.

Get the data and insights for managing, modifying, and tracking the progress of your reputation.

Step 6:

Redirecting bad reviews.

A notification will be sent upon every review and if it's a negative review it will be redirected to the right channels.

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We have written down answers to some
of the frequently asked questions. is an online review platform that markets your business. It helps you to build a cycle that collects customer’s feedback to convert more new customers. is perfect for any type of business and can benefit your business by generating a continuous cycle of customer engagement and online reputation.
The review management toolkit is for encouraging happy customers to leave reviews across the internet and attract new customers. • Get better results: The more reviews and feedback, the better ranking in the search engine. • Capture feedback: Encourage customer engagement for constantly improving your customer services. • Generate word-of-mouth: provides a space to generate testimonials to continuously scale up your business.
Definitely no. You don’t necessarily need to have a website. provides various other methods to communicate with your customers right away. However, we encourage every business owner to have a dedicated website for their service or products. does not have any extra hidden fees, contracts, or termination fees. Your account will be charged on a monthly basis, which you can cancel at any time. Moreover, we will not even hold your reviews and data hostage so you can seamlessly export all your customers’ reviews and feedback at any point in time.

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